7 Tips to Hire a Contractor You’ll Love (for your home renovation or repair)

Sleazy contractors.

They cut corners and use cheap materials. They make promises but don’t follow through. They couldn’t care less about your needs – they’re just trying to make a quick buck. 

What’s a homeowner to do? How do we find honest and dependable electricians, roofers, and plumbers for our home renovation projects?

I combed the internet for answers so you don’t have to.

    7 essential tips for hiring a home renovation contractor you will love working with

    • Ask your family and friends who they do (and DON’T) recommend. But don’t stop there! Go Google those contractors. Check their website, Google reviews, Better Business Bureau rating, and social media. Are all their reviews and content from 5 years ago, or do they have recent reviews and fresh social posts? 
    • Interview prospective contractors over the phone and in person. Do they know their stuff? Are they professional? Punctual? Transparent? Do they listen to your needs and provide you with a professional recommendation? Are they honest?

    • Ask for references. Reading reviews is great, but actually talking with previous customers can give you a whole new level of confidence in the contractor. 

    • Make sure they pull permits and have insurance.

    • Get to know potential contractors a bit. Before you entrust them with thousands of your hard-earned dollars, make sure you get along. Do they communicate well with you? Are they accessible if you have questions? Go with your gut, but don’t base your decision on personality alone. Make sure it is backed up by great reviews and a good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

    • When you have settled on a contractor, flip through the contract before signing. Make sure it covers your interests.

    • BONUS TIP – If you are a homeowner, sign the contract at your home, not the contractor’s office. Georgia law gives you 3 days to revoke the contract in case you change your mind, but ONLY if you do not sign it in the contractor’s regular place of business and the contract was not previously negotiated at that place of business. (More details HERE)

    Well, those are my 7 cents on how to find an honest and dependable contractor for home renovations. If you have any wisdom to share or crazy contractor stories to tell, please drop a comment below. I’d love to read it.

    From the Georgia Roof team,

    Joah P.

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